How to get six pack abs fast

How to get six pack abs fast

I’m not going to give you a big sob story about how when I grew up I was a fat kid that was always made fun of by the other children leaving my wondering how to get six pack abs fast. I was just an average guy. If you go back and ask 100 kids from my high school class, it’s safe to say that I will be remembered by probably half of them. I’ve been average my whole life and sometimes I think that’s worse than being fat.

Rectus abdominis muscle - how to get six pack abs fast


I started working out during the summer between my freshman and senior year. I lost a little bit of fat around my mid-section but overall, I just put on size. I went from about 180 to 200 pounds over the course of the year. I was in shape, but I definitely didn’t have a six pack. I would do crunch after crunch, ab circuits, and I would plank until my mid-section couldn’t plank any longer, and I never lost any fat around my mid-section.  It left my wondering what is the truth about abs and how do I find out the best advice regard nutrition and training, I asked myself the question free weights Vs exercise machines?, which would be better to start using or should I train at home.

Finally when I moved out on my own and started buying my own groceries, I realized the secret to start getting sexy looking abs. After my first grocery trip, I bought only food that I knew was healthy for me and cooked meals at home. I started planning all of my meals by following  a nutrition plan and made sure to eat five per day. Guess what? I lost a few inches around my mid-section. I realized diet was the only true way for getting the shape that I dreamed of, and by healthy eating and exercise, focus and dedication I can achieve may goal.


How to get six pack abs fast

what is the truth about abs and where does it start?

Getting six pack abs starts in the kitchen believe it or not; and suprise suprise not in the gym. If you have your workout perfected, I think it’s safe to say that you only have 20% of the equation in regards to getting a leaner body and  six pack abs. The remaining 80% of the problem is diet. I will repeat; the majority of the work involved in answering the question is diet!

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, - how to get six pack abs fast

How to get six pack abs fast

First thing is that you need to assess your caloric intake. If you’re eating a specific amount of calories per day and your body hasn’t changed, then you need to lower it by 500 calories. After that, make sure you’re eating 5 meals per day; breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. Space the meals 3 hours apart. Get 8 hours of sleep. Believe it or not, your body needs sleep in order to burn fat.

If you’re already fairly active and you’re still wondering how to get six pack abs, then follow that diet advice alone while working out and I can assure you one thing; you will be on your way to losing belly fat, pounds and inches. Eating healthily and lots of  exercise if done properly will aid you in losing weight and it wont be long before you are sporting Sexy Looking Abs.  You will be answering question after question in the gym when people see that you have a great six pack and what will you tell them? Diet. Diet. Diet.

Sexy Looking Abs

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